Nisskosher Vodka PURIM® Geschenkbox

Nisskosher Vodka PURIM® gift box (1x0.7L / 50% vol. Purim Vodka, 1x0.04L / 40% vol. Honey Vodka, 1x0.04L / 40% vol. Bisongras Vodka, 2x glasses)

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Nisskosher Vodka Purim® 50% vol. is a neutral kosher vodka which, despite its high alcohol content, has a soft bouquet thanks to a special process. The raw material for this sophisticated kosher vodka is the potato in natural purity. Nisskosher Vodka is distilled according to a traditional Jewish - Polish family recipe from the best fruits of the field under the supervision of the rabbi.

The set includes 0.7l Purim Vodka, 0.04l Honey Vodka (40% vol.), 0.04l Jon Teff Bisongras Vodka (40% vol.) And 2 original "Le Chaim" drinking glasses.

Purim Vodka:

Bottle size: 0.7l

Alcohol content: 50% vol.

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