Buffalo Grass Gin 66® - 0,5 l

Buffalo Grass Gin 66® - 0.5 L / 47% vol.

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Buffalo Gras Gin

Buffalo Grass Gin 66® - 0.5 l 

With this premium gin with 47% vol. one can fall back on the already existing, in-house know-how of bison grass vodka production from Poland. Before the distillation process in the traditional "small batch" copper still distillation, typical botanicals such as juniper, coriander, wormwood as well as lemon and orange peel are married with the aromatic bison grass in an elaborate step maceration process. The result is a real London Dry Gin with a fine juniper note and subtle hints of the typical bison grass taste - an absolute innovation on the gin market and a real pleasure for all gin lovers.


Bottle size 0.5l

Alcohol content: 47% vol.

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