Absinth 66® Reise(Apo)Theke

Absinth 66® Reise (Apo) counter set - 1x0.1L Absinthe Thujon33 (40% vol.), 1x0.2L Absinthe 66 (66% vol.), 1x spoon, 1x glass, 1x book

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The complete set for absinthe enthusiasts. An ideal gift for hard-drinking connoisseurs and special occasions. With this total offer, your party will be unforgettable. The set includes a bottle of Absinthe 66 ® in a 0.2l bottle, a 0.1l bottle of Thujon 33, a miniature absinthe book and an absinthe glass with a spoon for a stylish absinthe ritual.

Absinthe contains dye E102 / E133

Bottle size: 0.1l and 0.2l

Alcohol content: 40% and 66% vol.

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