Absinth 66® Minis

Absinth 66® mini bottles in 3 types - 3x40 ml (1x44% vol., 1x55% vol., 1x66% vol.)

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The Absinthe 66-Mini set of 3 has something for every taste. The set includes three different flavors with three different colors and grades in the sizes 3 x 0.04l.

In addition to the green absinthe classic "66", the yellow version impresses with its fine vanilla aroma with a pleasant 55% vol. and is complemented by the red "Absinth 66" ®"with a degree of 44% vol. and a hint of Tonka, a South American legume.

The little minis are eye-catchers on every shelf and a suitable gift for hunters and gatherers. Delicious cocktail recipes can be found on the outer packaging of the minis.

Absinthe 44% vol. with dye E124
Absinthe 55% vol. with dye E102
Absinthe 66% vol. with dye E102 / E133

Bottle sizes 3x 0.04l

Alcohol content: 44-66% vol.

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